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Policies for Investment Promotion

   To relieve the fiscal burden of the government and to respond to current and future economicsituations,  the Board of Investment (BOI) prescribes policies for investment promotion as follows:

    1. The efficiency and effectiveness of tax privileges given will be enhanced. Privileges will be granted to projects that actually benefit the economy and good governance will be used to manage and supervise the application of tax and duty privileges. Promoted entities will report the operating results of their promoted projects to the BOI for review prior to the application of tax and duty privileges fot that year.

    2. To promote development of quality and production standards to enhance competitiveness in the world market, every promoted project that has an investment capital of 10 million baht and upwards (excluding land and working capital) must obtain ISO 9000 certification or similar international certification.

    3. Previous conditions on exports and use of local materials are repealed so that the criteria for promotion will be in line with investment agreements.

    4. Special investment promotion will be given to regions or areas with low income and inadequate investment facilities. Maximum tax and duty privileges will be given to these regions or areas.

    5. Priority is given to small and medium isdustries by applying a minimum level of investment capital of 500,000 baht (excluding cost of land and working capital) for activities as per the announcement of the BOI no. 6/2546 and of not less than one million baht (excluding cost of land and working capital) for other activites.

    6. Priority is given to agricultural activities and agricultural products, projects related to technological and human resource delelopment, public utilities, infrastructure and basic services, environmental protection and conservation and targeted industries.


What we offer

    With over 10 years of experience working on BOI, we can assures you that we are able to supervise all BOI-related procedures for your best privileges.  We are extremely confident on taking care of your privileges that should obtain from BOI. For instance, privilege on exempting or reducing “Import Duty” for machinery and raw materials including privilege in “Commercial Income Tax”. These privileges are highly beneficial for you.

    Aside from all the privileges, there are several complicate steps that must be proceed under BOI's regulations. We ensures you that our highly-skilled team can accurately complete the process to avoid having unnecessary expenses or getting a penalty from the customs or BOI.
Below are a list of necessary jobs that must proceed under BOI’s regulations:
      >> To apply stock for machines list
      >> To apply on exempting or reducing “Import Duty” for machines and assessories.
      >> To apply “producing product formula” and “Max Stock” for raw materials in order to get privilege on exempting or reducing “Import Duty”
      >> To apply “letter of delivery order” for each import of raw material
      >> To apply “letter of delivery order” for importing machines.
      >> To apply “cutting stock of raw materials” for continuing export under section 36 (1)
      >> To apply “extension or renewal import of raw materials” under section 36 (1)
      >> To apply “extension of formal operation or notice of formal operation” including sending operation reports.
      >> To apply “position for overseas engineer/mechanic”

    Supreme Logistics ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd., a Logistics Provider, would like to offer the “One-Stop Services” for minimizing cost and maximizing benefit to your business under the following details:
      >> To find the freight rate and reserve space with shipping lines, airlines, railway and trucking for importing your machines, raw materials from your suppliers since ex-factory till destination at your factory or for exporting your finished products from your factory till destination at your clients in world wide countries.
      >> To proceed on customs formality both import and export including a good suggestion for your benefit on duty.
      >> To transport and assemble all kind of machineries, and heavy industrial equipments.

    We are very sincerely pleased to take good care your benefits, privileges and always ready to meet you for furnishing more information and services.